About Us


For more than three decades, Griffin Structures has worked with cities and counties to plan, design, build, and finance the facilities needed to serve their communities. Our mission is to manage our clients’ risk and streamline project delivery. We deliver the highest quality project in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Griffin Structures offers a team of experts who are highly experienced professionals in the construction field. Each of our professionals has a demonstrated track record in the delivery of complex projects – managing each project from planning, design, development, and construction, to entitlements through post-occupancy.

Griffin Structures continuously enhances its reputation as an industry leader by the successful management of complex projects. Our portfolio of experience includes police and fire facilities, city halls, libraries, community/senior centers, parking structures, corporation yards, parks and trail systems, zoos, non-profit facilities, commercial buildings, and related infrastructure.

Our clients attest that we are much more than “just a consultant.” Griffin Structures serves as your TRUSTED ADVISOR in the successful delivery of your project — from concept to keys and beyond.