Mission Viejo Marguerite Aquatics Complex

Griffin Structures is providing program and construction management for the design and construction of a new dive tower and complete site renovation of the iconic Marguerite Aquatics Complex in Mission Viejo.

The $10 million project consists of the complete demolition of most site elements, including the dive tower. The existing pools will be taken down to their concrete shells.

A new multi-platform dive tower, which will be enclosed with Mission Viejo signature stone veneer, is a focal point for project. Other elements include complete renovation of the pools, including two new mechanical buildings; pre-fab office and storage buildings; multiple shade structures; bleachers and a grand stand; dry-land training pits for the dive program; and a warming pool/spa. Designed by RJM Design Group and Aquatic Design Group, the project is scheduled to be completed in early 2018. The Marguerite Aquatics complex is home to the Nadadores swimming and diving programs that have produced several Olympians.

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SketchUp video animation by RJM Design Group